Custom Embroidery Guide

Personalised Embroidery for your Clothing or Accessories

Create your own unique products with Tylers Horse and Country bespoke embroidery service.

Tylers offers embroidery on to a large selection of products; your initials on a saddlecloth, horses name on to rugs or your clubs logo on jackets. Tylers bespoke embroidery service gives you the option to personalize your own equipment or to create an extra special gift, the range is unlimited and the choice is entirely yours.

Adding personalised embroidery to your chosen items is so simple, here's how:

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Choose Your Item
Choose your product from the selection we have to offer; ie if you want a saddlecloth- select the size and the colour of the item you have chosen, then click on the add personalisation tab.

Stock Design

Choose from our list of stock designs. Some of our stock designs come in different variations suitable for smaller sizes. For example if you choose ‘Three Jumpers’ the embroidery on the left chest is a single jumping horse.

If you do not want a stock design - leave this blank.

Stock Design Colour

Choose embroidery colour for your Stock Design. Contrasting colours always work well, for example a black saddlecloth with grey embroidery or if you need it to stand out red, yellow or bright green always work well on darker colours. If you would like any help either use the comments box or give us a call.


Add the text you require in the text box.

If you only want a stock design - leave this blank.

Font Colour

Choose embroidery colour for your text.

Font Style

Choose from our list of fonts. When you choose your font style for your embroidery we will adjust your choice to best fit the available area on the item.

Text Position

Choose the shape and position of your text. For example if you have chosen a saddlecloth then you might want to choose the slant option – if you have chosen a jacket you might want the text in a straight line. If you do not see the option you require please use the comments box.


Choose the area you would like embroidered. If you have chosen a garment the positions are left chest or the back (across the shoulders) or you can have left chest and back. If you have chosen a rug or saddle cloth the options are near side, off side or both. The size of the lettering will be determined by the stock design chosen or the location of where the logo is going. If you would like a definite size please mention this in the comments section.


Let us know of anything you need which is not covered in the drop down personalisation menu. Or please give us a call we will be more than happy to discuss your options.

That's it, you're good to go!

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