Photo to Embroidery Commissions

22 March 2018        Blog

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I was recently sent some lovely pictures from Montecani Spinoni asking if we could do anything with them ,which of course I could .

I really enjoy taking a customers much loved animals photos and turning them into a gift like a cushion or something more commercial which they can use to advertise there club or business .

For me this side of the business takes me back to my university art college days as the photo to embroidery commissions rely on the ability to make sure the colours blend and help create form and texture in the embroidery which makes the embroidery come alive and look like the picture and not just a flat logo.

I have taken on quite a few commissions from Sheep to dogs and even a hedgehog. If you do photo you would like to turn in to an embroidery as a gift or to promote something please contact me

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